Graphic Design, Brand Design Agency, Sutherland Shire
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Graphic Design & Branding


Be Bold. Be Creative. Be Noticed…


A companies brand is not just a logo or its marketing material, it is a combination of everything that has built the businesses image, it is the public’s overall perception of the company.  Our graphic design team has created many branding options for businesses in and around the Sutherland Shire and Sydney.

  • Startup

  • $1490/mo
    • 1H Market research
    • 4 Logo Concepts by 1 Designer
    • Business Cards Design
    • Letterhead design
    • Flyer/Brochure Design (DL only)
    • 2 Pages Brand guide line

  • Bronze

  • $1990/mo
    • 2H Market Research
    • 8 Logo Concepts by 2 Designers
    • Business Cards Design
    • Letterhead Design
    • Envelopes or Comp Slips Design
    • Flyer/Brochure Design (DL only)
    • 4 Pages Brand guide Line

  • Silver

  • $2490no
    • 3H Market Research
    • 10 Logo Concepts by 3 Designers
    • 2 Concepts of Business cards
    • Letterhead Design
    • Presentation Folder Design
    • Envelopes or Comp Slips Design
    • Flyer/Brochure Design (DL or A5)
    • 6 pages Brand Guide Line

  • Gold

  • $2990/mo
    • 4H Market Research
    • Unlimited Logo Concepts by 4 expert designers
    • 2 Concepts of Business cards
    • Letterhead Design
    • Presentation Folder Design
    • Envelopes or Comp Slips Design
    • Flyer/Brochure Design (DL to A4)
    • Car Signage Mock-up
    • 8 pages Brand Guide Line

How can our graphic design team improve your companies existing brand?

We can improve your brand by analysing how you are currently perceived in your target market and then work on manipulating your ‘message’ to make you a more attractive proposition for those you are targeting. This brand analysis can initially take the form of market research, actively asking relevant people / companies how they perceive your company, highlighting both what are the positive and negative aspects of your brand. Once we know the perception of the company in the marketplace, working closely with you, we can determine where to take your company’s brand to achieve the most positive results.


We then work out the ‘messages’ that must be consistently portrayed in order to achieve the desired results. This can start with looking at your current logo, marketing material, signage, stationary etc and updating them through graphic design to reflect the new brand image the company is pursuing. Any changes to those must also take into account any positive brand attributes that have previously been built up so these are built upon rather than starting again from scratch.


Once we have created the guidelines, style and messages of the brand, it is very important that anywhere that the public or companies come into contact with your business, directly or indirectly, the ‘message’ given is ‘on brand’. Our graphic designers design all stationary, marketing material and signage to be a consistent message which will be developing your brand.


The manipulation of marketing material to improve a companies brand is very important though it is essential that a company’s actual performance in it’s dealings in business is an essential part in it’s perception within a marketplace, if you tell the world that you are the best thing since sliced bread and then when they open the wrapper it is mouldy, word will soon get out and no matter how good your marketing material is, you will be fighting a losing battle in promoting a positive brand.